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Sunita Chowdhary's Cinema Prapancham

Average Fare

APK | May 18, 2007

Rating: **.5 (***** Very Good, **** Good, *** Fair, ** Average, * Bad)

Cast: Manoj, Shiela, Dhandayudhapani, Tanikella Bharani, Saranya, Raghubabu, Brahmanandam, Ali, Rajeev, Giribabu, Suneel, Mallikarjuna Rao, Srilalitha, Deepanjali and Others.
Action: Ram-Lakshman.
Art: Ashokkumar.
Cinematography: Prasad Murella.
Dialogues: M. Rathnam.
Editing: Goutham Raju.
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja.
Story: Mysskin.
Screenplay & Direction: Sooriya Kiran.
Producer: Dr. Mohanbabu M.
Presenter: Smt. M. Nirmala Devi.
Banner: Sri Lakshmi Prasanna Pictures.
Release Date: 18th May, 2007.

ManojAfter a successful Satyam, a disastrous Dhana 51 and a damp Brahmastram, director Sooriya Kiran is back with Raju Bhai. Starring Manchu Manoj Kumar, it is his third movie after Donga Dongadi and Sree. The actor has now lost oodles of weight and is looking much better than he did in his debut. Raju Bhai is no great shakes, but it definitely beats the heat. The flip side is it's again 'the same old, the same old'.

Plot Babaji (Dhandayudhapani) is the local Don types. Raju is jobless till he saves Babaji's son Vasanth from some rival parties. Raju gets into Babaji's gang, doing jobs for him that take muscle power. He meets Anjali (Shiela), (who has only her father-Tanikella Bharani) who he fights with, but obviously falls for later. She tries to convert him to be decent and leave the rowdy gang. But in a police raid in an unrespectable area, Raju is caught. Anjali breaks up with him, but there is more truth than that meets the eye. Raju's sacrifice and whether he wins her love back is the rest of the plot.

Story, Screenplay and Direction The first half goes on smoothly, with a dash of humor in the form of Raju's histrionics, Suneel and Brahmanandam. The love story begins and breaks with a predictable note. The second half drags for a very short while, then moves on fast forward. Towards the climax, there are too many twists and turns in the last half-hour.

Suneel and his side-kick, Brahmanandam and his antics, Anjali-Raju love story in the first half works out well. The lead pair is good and convincing. Here and there, the direction gets slightly shabby, then picks up, polished. The music can be counted as a highlight.

Sooriya Kiran gives the movie a Tamil touch, for those who watch Tamil movies regularly can tell the difference immediately. Manoj carries the weight of the movie on his now slim shoulders. But after Satyam, the director was expected to do something better than this.

Manoj and ShielaPerformances The rash energy of Donga Dongadi is replaced by some rushes of enthusiasm and eagerness, and a sprinkle of subtlety. The character is written for Manoj, and the director brings out an able performance. Shiela is good too, but in some parts her performance is raw.

Tanikella Bharani displays perfect timing and Suneel with his sidekick rocks. Brahmandam, Ali and MS Narayana, in the few scenes they appear, generate laughs. Dhandayudhapani as Babaji is similar to Rajan P. Dev (the goon in Aadi and many other movies) and is convincing.

Music and Dance A feather in the cap for this movie, Yuvan's music has something for everyone. Nothing outstanding, but it is hummable and is placed well in the movie.

Last Word It's an average entertainer, with the hero being made into a 'tough guy-turns into sacrificial goat'. Nothing we haven't seen before. Raju Bhai has some sentiment, some comedy, a few good songs, a good lead pair and regular fight sequences. That sounds good, but for almost 3 hours, there has to be more substance. Otherwise, its again regular fare. Been there, seen that.