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EVV Fails To Tickle This Time

APK | May 5, 2006

Rating: ** (***** Very Good, **** Good, *** Fair, ** Average, * Bad)

Cast: Naresh, Geeta Singh, Madhu Shalini, Brahmanandam, Giribabu, Sunil, Venu Madhav, Chalapatirao, Babumohan, Dharmavarapu, Mallikarjuna Rao, Ali, Jayaprakash Reddy, MS Narayana, LB Sriram, Krishna Bhagawan, AVS, Raghubabu, Lakshmipati, Kondavalasa, Uttej, Dr. Siva Prasad, Gundu Hanumantha Rao, Duvvasi Mohan, Kallu Krishna Rao, Ramaprabha, Jayalalitha, Telangana Shakuntala, Jyothi, Sana, Subhasini, Rekha, Rajini, Kalpana and Others.
Action: Stun Shiva.
Art: Ashok.
Cinematography: Jayaram.
Dialogues: Vegnesa Satheesh, Nivas, Nagaraj, Balaram, Muralimohan & EVV.
Editing: Goutam Raju.
Story, Screenplay, Producer & Direction: EVV.
Banner: EVV Cinema.
Release Date: 5th May, 2006.

One or two decades ago, we saw a spate of Jandhyala-Naresh movies and had a good laugh. The subjects were innovative, the themes contemporary, the comedy clean and generating laughter and the actors theatrical. Then we had EVV with his silver jubilee comedies like Jambalakidi Pamba, Aa Okkati Addaku, Ali Baba Ara Dozen Dongalu and Hello Brother. Although his kind of comedy is not exactly what you'd call clean, it'd amuse everyone and the timing the actors displayed was just perfect. If you watched one of his earlier comedies and then 'Kitakitalu,' it is hard to believe that the same man with such an ingenious sense of cinema, the same trendsetter has directed both the movies.

Plot Relangi Rajababu is such a 'nice guy' that he files a case against a girl who attempted to rape him, and did not succumb to her, because he wished to remain 'pure' for the woman he marries. After landing a job as an SI, his parents force him to get married because his dowry will be useful for his sister's wedding. No girl wants to marry him now, because they wonder if he is man enough since he rejected a girl like her. He ends up marrying a rich, plump girl Soundarya after his parents and family threaten to commit suicide if he doesn't accept the proposal. Now this 'nice guy' suddenly turns to other women and wants to divorce his fat wife. His attempts to make her grant him a divorce and whether he turns over a new leaf is the rest of the story.

Story, screenplay and direction The story belongs to 1970s. The script seems to be written on the sets, after the actors arrived, because the writer constantly forgets many things. Soundarya drinks three pots full of Horlicks in her intro scene, but in the honeymoon she orders very little to eat, and says her weight is not due to over-eating and because of her genes. Rajababu is such a nice guy that he doesn't have affairs before marriage, but because his wife happens to be fat, he looks at one girl and in a matter of minutes tells her that he loves her. Did all the gyms close down in the country for nice guys and their fat wives? The terrible thing about this movie is that the guy is forced to marry a girl for dowry, so that his sister can get married with that money. If this is the reality, then thank the director for showing us the reality of AP in 2006.

The screenplay drags, and nothing much is happening. For how long can you laugh at a fat lady, even if you are cruel enough to do so? It's more like a Telugu serial, and so is the humor-boring, bleak and derogatory. This movie had six dialogue writers working on it-and it is predictably inconsistent and sticks to the old adage 'Too many cooks spoil the broth'. There are some funny instances in the movie but few and far apart to qualify as an enjoyable comic movie. Naresh dressed in a Sari to catch Venu Madhav is one such episode, and one scene at the swimming pool in his honeymoon trip and the part where Sunil comes in are funny and carry EVV's stamp.

The movie is laden with names of famous cinema people (the SP is named 'SP Balasubrahmanyam') which is funny in a way, and with old and new songs of other movies for a background score. This movie offers nothing new, nor does it improvise on anything old. It's just based on an idea 'A thin guy forced into marrying a fat girl and the humor thus generated'. The sad part is, and it is sad, that there is really not much comedy that can be generated out of this theme. There is a message at the end of the movie. The less said about it, the better. But to the writer(s)-director's credit, he speaks the truth. There is very little comedy in this movie, when it is compared to the director's previous hits.

Performances Naresh suits his role and is eager to prove himself. The actress who plays the role of Soundarya (Geeta Singh) is not consistent; sometimes she is good, at other times she hams. Madhu Shalini has nothing much to do in her role except look pretty and walk with some style in skimpy outfits, so what's new? Dharmavarapu Subrahmanyam is the same as he is in every movie-this role doesn't do any justice to his caliber. Laxmipathi plays the role of a driver and is funny and so is Satyam Rajesh in a one scene cameo. Krishna Bhagwan has a flair for comedy-even if the role is not well etched out; he will come out looking funny. Venu Madhav and Sunil are good, good but repetitive.

The songs are situational remixed numbers of old and new songs.

And the verdict is.. This movie would have done well had it been released in the 70s or even the 80s. Two decades ago it might have been humorous, but not now. The subject itself is stale, the comedy is not up to EVV's potential, and the actors don't have exceptionally funny dialogues or even good timing. It is a chauvinistic, demeaning concept, and even that might have been welcomed had there been any real humor in it. But there isn't and there are no real attractions in this movie except EVV Cinema banner which promises some laughs. To everyone's disappointment, there are very few in this movie.