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BBCS Review - Fun Summertime Watch

APK | April 18, 2008

Rating: *** (***** Very Good, **** Good, *** Fair, ** Average, * Bad)

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Cast: Naresh, Krishna Bhagawan, Farzana, Chandana, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Dharmavarapu, Venumadhav, Suman Shetty, MS Narayana, Tanikella Bharani, Kovai Sarala and Others.
Cinematography: Adusumilli Vijaykumar.
Dialogues: Veligonda Srinivas.
Editing: Marthand K. Venkatesh.
Lyrics: Bhaskarabhatla.
Music: Srilekha.
Story, Screenplay & Direction: Srinivas Reddy.
Producer: Ammiraju Kanumilli.
Presenter: EVV Satyanarayana.
Banner: Siri Cinema.
Release Date: 18th April, 2008.

Bommana Brothers Chandana Sisters, as the title suggests, is a full-on comedy, where the situation is comical, the dialouges are rib-tickling and logic doesn't exist. Naresh and Krishna Bhagwan are the two leads, and by this time, both can generate laughter by merely appearing on the screen and smiling benignly. The movie drags slightly for a brief few minutes, but then immediately picks up pace. Overall, a fun summertime watch.

Chandana and FarzanaPlot Bommana Brothers are theives whose parents are also petty robbers. They fall in love with Chandana Sisters, who are the daughters of Chandana Mohan Rao, a big businessman. The elder one Mani Chandana runs an orphanage, while the younger one Siri Chandana is highly devotional. They are engaged, but the Bommana Brothers win their hearts by pretending to be a blind Maharastrian guy who donates everything he's asked for to impress Mani Chandana and Rama Chandra pretends to be a devout and pious man singing Ramadasu songs in a Temple by hiring junior artistes to swoon that impresses Siri Chandana. They get married after a huge ordeal. But a bank manager they robbed previously, the Chandana's hired help (Suman Shetty) and a bunch of others are after the Brothers or after their property and the adventures don't stop.

Story, Screenplay and Direction The story is typical of slapstick fare. There is nothing enormously new to offer. But in general, the movie doesn't bore you. The Bommana Brothers have many tricks up their sleeve, some funny lines and are surrounded by a horde of characters played by Tanikella Bharani (their father) to Jeeva (a goon cum junior artist manager). The sisters are obviously shown as nitwits, believing in them without rhyme or reason, and their father, played by Kota Srinivas Rao, an even bigger nitwit, accepting two men for sons-in-law without checking on thier background at all. As mentioned earlier, logic needs to be thrown out of the window to enjoy the fare the movie provides.

The screenplay is good, with one gimmick after another. These sort of movies are not exactly memorable, but they are Paisa Vasool. If it's entertainment one is looking for, then one doesn't have to look further than BBCS. Dharmavarapu's track is amusing, with the Brothers taking advantage of him and playing with him in the first, and getting tit for tat in the second when he makes a Rajnikant's Shivaji style entry, with a Shobanbabu ring to complete the picture. Nothing new, but funny while it lasts.

It's loud, it's pacy and it tries very hard to be funny throughout. It manages for the most part and the result is-it beats the heat. The music is not bad, albiet with several 'inspirations' making their presence felt right from the Dhoom-inspired title track. Then there are songs from other movies, old and new, playing all through the movie's running, like a spoof. Basically, it's an in-your-face comedy.

Naresh and Krishna BhagawanPerformances Naresh is one of the smartest young actors out there. That's because with whatever little he has, he makes the best use of it. He's never out of work, and what more, he's never out of hits to name. This is his second release in a month or so and God knows how many he's had this year. Hits and averages and flops, but he's eager and sincere and ready to give it all he has.

Krishna Bhagwan has come a long way from when he was 'Gopi' (April 1 Vidudhala) and if he's pranced around with Simran, then's he's done it all. He gets to be what is popularly known as the 'second lead' and he provides more laughs just standing there and letting his younger co-star dance and fight and romance. He's comfortable stealing dirty glances at a maid's cleavage, playing the complete thug without a conscience (till the climax, where the director attempts sentimentality). That's why Krishna Bhagwan's popular, and while he continues to let his characters be clear of conscience, he will be liked by the audiences. We need a character like that, even if it gets vulgar at times.

Kovai Sarala is obnoxiously loud, which seems to be her speciality, and that's her brand of comedy. Tanikella Bharani is convincing and the funny head crook. MS Narayana and Venumadhav's cameos are amusing, while Dharmavarapu gets a chunky meaty role that he plays with much gusto. Prabhakar and Subbaraju as the Sisters' ex-fiances play foolish thugs, and play it well, to complete the picture. Kota is okay, not amongst his better roles.

Song and Dance The songs and their picturizations are reasonbly good, although a lift from here and there is ever present. The first song is shot like a music video and that sets the stage for the rest (one of them with Naresh and Farzana in black outfits in the desert...hmmm...did we see the same thing in 'Satyam Emito' in Athidi?. But still, the music is better than in most other complete comedies, where its not given as much importance.

Bottom-Line A Pucca Comedy, Paisa Vasool for a number of reasons but just as highly forgettable. It really does beat the heat and the time flies by quickly till it gets to a done-to-death climax.