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An Interview With Navneet Kaur

Talk of film stars, some come to your mind as being beautiful, others impress you with their glamour. Rare, however, are those who are beautiful as well as glamorous. And Navneet Kaur is in that rare category. She has in her the rare combination of beauty and glamour, charm and charisma.

A Mumbai born and bred Punjabi, Navneet kaur is the new attraction on the Telugu screen. Her impressive debut in 'Seenu, Vasanthi and Lakshmi' made the audience sit up and wonder who this glamorous girl is. Her scintillating performance in 'Satruvu' and 'Jagapathi' compelled wows from the audience. Driving people crazy with her postures in publicity flicks and on posters of her yet to be released 'Good Boy', she found time to talk to and share her thoughts and expectations with She answered our questions patiently and intelligently.

Talk about yourself by way of introduction.

You know I am a Punjabi, born and brought up in Mumbai. Dad was in armed forces. Dad imposed discipline at home too. We were brought up in a disciplined atmosphere. Even as a student I acted in some video albums. Dad frowned at it, but thanks to mom and brother's support, I had a smooth entry into the movies. My first appearance on the silver screen was in 'Darshan', a Kannada movie. Then followed my debut in Telugu with 'Seenu, Vasanthi and Lakshmi'.

How did the Telugu cinegoers receive you? What did the movie do to you?

My role in the movie was that of a typical Telugu girl. It won the appreciation of all. My performance as a Telugu girl was quite convincing. That has given me the confidence that I can make it to distinction in Telugu films. I feel certain that if only I work hard I can secure a place for myself on the Telugu screen.

But you didn't appear as a typical Telugu girl any more in the movies that followed - 'Satruvu' and 'Jagapathi'.

How I appear in a movie depends on the role I am chosen to act. Different roles mean different looks and different get up, obviously. Also, I hate being stereotyped in any particular role. To be typified in a particular image is the last thing I like.

People say you expose too much in the hope of getting lead roles. Any idea why this opinion about you?

I don't agree a bit that I seek to expose my body. As things go these days, my make up, my costumes and my appearance can't be considered exhibitionist at all. I didn't tempt producers into booking me in their films by offering to expose, did I? How I appear or act in a movie depends on the story, my role in it and what my director tells me to do. I am not independent in such matters. It's the role in a movie that decides what dress I wear. I repeat, my role decides my dresses for me and how much I expose. How far is it then reasonable to say that I show off more than I should?

What exactly is your opinion about exposure by movie stars?

It is all a part of the game. Your role in a movie and what the audience expect of you dictate everything. If in the process a star has to show off and appear sexy. What is wrong with it? If my role demands that I appear sexy, so be it. I feel that in such situations there is nothing wrong in my appearing sexy. That's what I am there for, and that's what I am paid for. That certainly can't be labeled indecent.

Do you mean then that just for the sake of your role, you are prepared to appear sexy and wear skimpy robes?

Why not? I am and want to be in the movies. If that's the stuff movies are made off, I have to go with that. I haven't had a chance to act the role of traditional girl after 'Seenu, Vasanthi and Lakshmi'. And what do you expect me to do? Quit rather than act sexy roles even if they are the only roles I get? Forgo all my opportunities? Can you assure me of opportunities if I insist on doing only traditional girls' roles? I am just making good use of the opportunities coming my way. You talk of my appearing sexy or of my exposing. How many Telugu college going girls are wearing traditional Telugu dresses? They go about freely in all kinds of skimpy and revealing dresses jeans, skirts shirts, and even minis! If you don't object to that why fault my dressing myself so, that too on the screen?

What about your character in 'Good Boy?'

Close to my personal life. Very different from my roles in the earlier movies. The introductory scene itself gives a fairly good idea of my character. See it and you'll understand.

You have acted in so many movies, all of them to do with love. What is your opinion about love in real life?

I'm afraid that I am still not that age when I can talk about love. I haven't been in love myself. Told you already of my disciplined background. May be that's the reason.

Is yours going to be a love marriage or an arranged marriage?

Can't say anything now. When I am about to get married I will perhaps talk of it. I prefer arranged marriages.

You make much of your disciplined background. But your pictures, rather sexy and revealing, on the posters of your movies are seen all over. How do your people react to it?

If my postures on the posters and media add to the popularity of the movie why should I object to it? My people never talk of this. Once you are into movies, such things are only natural. They understand.

Are you confined to glamour roles, or do you have any dream roles?

This is just the beginning of my career. I am just getting recognition. Too early to think of dream roles. May be after some more experience as a star.

Which language movies are to your liking?

It matters little to me what language movies I act in. The Telugu screen gave me the break through and so I naturally give my first preference to Telugu movies. Hindi comes next in my preference list. But no Kannada movies any more.

Your goal as an artiste?

To be known as a great artiste. To hear people say that Navneet Kaur can act any role very well and to be remembered for a long time. I am sure 'Good Boy' will take me on to more and more pictures.