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An Interview With Geeta Singh ('Kitakitalu' Fame)

APK | August 08, 2007

Geeta Singh and Naresh in KitakitaluBetter known for her comedienne roles, Geeta Singh has an exclusive tête-à-tête with

How did you enter movies?

I saw an advertisement in the paper and responded to it. I went for an audition and bagged a role-in Teja's Jai.

Teja's got a reputation of being brash with his actors. React to that.

If a student makes mistakes, then the teacher scolds the student. It is for the good of the student. This is similar to that-but it's not true that he hits actors. At least, I'm not aware of it.

So did you get scolded?

No ways! I was good student. Even in the audition, I landed the role because I was unique-my voice, my acting style is different.

How do you manage the language?

I'm from Nizamabad, and I finished my Polytechnic here. So I'm very fluent in Telugu, even though my mother tongue is Hindi.

How did you get the idea to join movies?

My friends kept telling me to try in movies. I was very slim and brazenly beautiful.

For heroine/main lead roles?

Of course. So after many people suggested, even I started getting the idea. One audition later, I landed a good role.

What was your next project?

Evadi Gola Vadidi with EVV Satyanarayana. The experience was very good. We were a host of comedians shooting in a wonderful foreign locale-Thailand. We had a blast there and I always enjoy working with EVV sir.

That seems obvious, seeing that you landed a main lead in his next movie.

No one else would have had the guts to cast an overweight newcomer for a main lead. I was shocked when I heard from him that I was going to be the lead.

They make fun of your character throughout the movie. Did that bother you?

It did not bother me, because my character got a lot of sympathy. People came up to me and congratulated me for my performance. And everyone only sympathized with me, because my character goes through a lot in the movie.

No one had any sympathy for Naresh's character? He marries by force in the movie, right?

This is India. Whether you are married by choice or force, marriage is the only thing that is respected. If you fall in love, or have some affair, no one will respect that. Since I was the troubled wife, I got sympathy.

What's on the Television front?

I'm doing the main lead in a serial called Andhra Andagallu.

Why did you switch to Television?

Many viewers came up to me and said they like my performance and they'd like to see more of me. Movies come once in a while, and not everyone comes out to watch every movie. Time dorakadu movies kosam. But Television is a media everyone can watch, sitting at home-young and old. And since I was offered the main lead, that too on Gemini, I took it up.

What would you prefer-movies or serials?

Anything, as long as it's a good role. Preferably, main lead in serials at least.

Any movies coming up?

I'm the 'heroine' of Pilla Dorikithe Pelli. It's also like Kitakitalu, and I'm cast opposite Baladitya.

Isn't he too young for you?

That's where the comedy lies. It's really funny, and again, I will be the one who gets the audience sympathies.

After main leads in two movies and serials, how come you did a tiny role in Maharadhi?

Big director, big banner-so I didn't mind playing even a small role in such a big venture.

Who's your favorite co-star?

Naresh! Actually, when we started shooting for Kitakitalu, I thought he'll throw starry tantrums. And he is the director's son, so I thought he'd get partial treatment. But he was very down-to-earth and friendly. I kept getting nervous initially, so he'd tell me to relax and was extremely sweet. So he's my favorite co-star.

And dream co-star?

Chiranjeevi-but I don't have the audacity to say I want the main lead, obviously. Just any part will do. I'd love to share screen space with him one day.

Amen to that. And she goes back to her shoot, working relentlessly to make people laugh.