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Sainikudu Lives Up To Expectations

APK | October 26, 2006

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Rating: ***.75 (***** Very Good, **** Good, *** Fair, ** Average, * Bad)

Maheshbabu and TrishaAfter the time-tested success ratio of Mahesh Babu-Mani Sharma paisa vasool combo, the more unconventional but melodious music maker Harris Jayaraj has been chosen to hit bullseye with newly crowned Prince after Pokiri. Now one will remember that Pokiri songs didn't really click immediately, but after the release of the movie, they rocked for one and all. Guna Shekar can be counted to extract the best from the composer, and the music doesn't disappoint.

Byla Bylamo When Remo Fernandez said 'Humma Humma' in 'Bombay', half the population didn't understand what the Goanese was talking about-but they loved it all the same. Leslie Lewis, Anushka and Sunitha Sarathy sing with gusto 'Byla Bylamo' with its foot-tapping beats and hummable melody, with 'Mataram...Mataram' added here and there for effect. The true context and meaning cannot be understood till the movie gets out, but it's a winner all the same. ****

Maayera For a composer who trained under Rehman, the Illayraja-Rehman touch in his music is obvious. But who's complaining? The result is better music to listen to. This romantic number has a fresh, somber and southie feel to it. ****

Aadapilla Aggipulla When the song begins, you know immediately that Jayaraj is trying to compose a 'Mass' number. For the credit of this song, Hariharan and Chitra, along with the energetic beats elevate what is really an average number. A typical group song, with people with colorful costumes dancing in unison behind the leads-or so it feels. ***

Gunasekhar and Aswini DuttSogasu Choodatarama This one has a very Indian feel to it, and is the anti-thesis of Byla Byalmo. If the makers wanted a versatile album, they succeeded. Shreya Goshal renders this number beautifully, and the Indian instruments like Ghatam and Tabla help to accentuate the Indian flavor to it. ***1/2

Orugalluke Pilla Pilla The song starts with Malathi's husky voice, and you wonder what's next. Once the beats follow and the ever-popular Karunya's voice is heard, rest assured, it's a youthful and peppy number. Then Harini's soft and sensuous voice follows and the duet continues, with the two young singers trying to compete with each other. Who won? The song, obviously. The ghost of 'Chaiyya Chaiyya' haunts this song and one is transported to a train-top. ***1/2

Go Go Adhigo This starts off with 'Sainikudu..' and you figure out it's the title song. The lyrics are good; the feel is western and the soul is Indian. A good number, but if it sounds suspiciously like Micheal Jackson's 'Smooth Criminal', then it's more than a coincidence. ***1/2

And the verdict is.. Definitely above average. What with the post-Pokiri hype, the expectations et all surrounding a Mahesh-Guna Shekar release, and listener-friendly music of Jayaraj, this is a sure-fire winner all the way. Two good numbers, and the rest are above average; all kinds of influences cannot be ruled out. As for the rest, as always, in Tollywood, the movie's fate and the music are intervened. For now, the album will clear the shelves soon.