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Please Your Ears with Devi Sri's Melodies

APK | April 19, 2006

Rating: **** (***** Very Good, **** Good, *** Fair, ** Average, * Bad)

After proving that he has music in his veins when he arrived, and then disappointing with a dispassionate Bunny and Andarivadu, Devi Sri Prasad returns with a bang in this MS Raju musical, Pournami.

Bharatha Vedamuga cannot be dismissed as a 'Classical' type of song. The beats, the range and Chitra's absolutely flawless voice make it a song you are not likely to forget soon. If acquainted with classical or religious songs, you get the feel of having heard songs of this flavor umpteen times before. But that earthy, ethnic flavor is what the director was clearly looking for, and Devi excels in providing our ears with such a wide variety of sounds in just one song, and symphonizes it like the pro he is. ****

Bavyamaina starts with typical Bharatanatyam music, with melodious Veena and Mrudangam playing while Srinivas's deep voice takes over. The same tune of the first song is played over this classical dance composition. ***1/2

Icchi Pucchukunte has a beautiful tune to it, and impish lyrics, as if a boy and girl in flirtatious love are having a cute conversation. It sounds like it could be an energetic dance number, a sure-shot hit with the masses. Tippu and Sumangali sing the song with the much needed gusto for this kind of a song. ****

Koyo Koyo is a fun number and has a variety of western instruments playing in it, unlike other songs in this album. Shaan's voice is perfectly suited for this kind of a song. It has a very western feel to it. ***

Muvvala Navvakala is undoubtedly one of Devi Sri's best compositions. You hear the beautiful Kolatam rhythm in the interludes which gives it a peppy feel, at the same time the lovely lyrics give it an unmistakably romantic feel. Only SPB and Chitra could have sung this number. This song makes one want to fall in love. Devi Sri proves his caliber once again with this song; he is one of the most talented composers we have. *****

Pallakivai - Gopika Poornima renders this raunchy and naughty sounding number with utmost ease. The lyric in the middle of the song where she says how he never leaves her is very interesting. Sirivennela scores a point again. To sing a sensuous song without sounding vulgar is difficult, Devi Sri makes sure Gopika's voice remains at its sensual best. ***1/2

Yavaro Choodali Ani Natyam Adade Nemali... this song starts with this poetical line and Chitra proves once again that she deserves every Nandi and National award she gets; in fact, it is less. And it is under a music director like Devi Sri who understands and acknowledges voice quality, that singers like Chitra blossom. Remember 'Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana'? Not the same magic, but still a poetical melody. ****

Yavaro Raavali is a twin song, but here is a duet sung by Chitra and Sagar. This is not as powerful as Chitra's solo, but the tune is the same, and is just as pleasing to the ears. ***

Rock N Roll Music and Flute Music (Ichhi Puchukunte's tune) are also included in the album.

So the verdict is -

A definite hit. Not just in terms of popularity or the number of copies that are selling, but for the composer, the people playing the instruments, the playback singers, the lyricist and even the script writers and the director, it seems like the process of composing Pournami was an immensely satisfying job. The range of the songs, the subtle variations in melody and beat in the same song and the passionate rendering of the songs by the singers: all make it an album one MUST listen to. The variety in the array of musical instruments that the composer chooses to use and the way he handles various emotions that come across in the songs gets it to the top slot, in terms of quality. The taste in one's music not counting, it is an album that, if you miss, you are missing something.