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Jalsa Music Review - Jalsa All The Way

APK | March 03, 2008

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Rating: **** (***** Very Good, **** Good, *** Fair, ** Average, * Bad)

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After some bland offerings, Devisri Prasad is again back with a bang. The compositions are very now and very hummable; all spell YOUTH with all capitals. The instrumental is used extremely well, and the entire album is good with each song having something to offer, telling a story of its own. With all the hype surrounding it, Jalsa's music at least will be loved by fanatics, liked by admirers and given a nod to by the cynics. At least three of the numbers will top the charts. All happies. So far.

Jalsa Whoever didn't expect bass guitar and techno to go crazy fused with fusion Telugu-English-Hindi lyrics never watched a Pawan Kalyan movie. 'Sa re ga ma pa da ni sa Karo Karo Zara Jalsa'. It's a hero-worship, tongue-in-cheek youthful number, the kind we were used to the time movies like Thammudu and Kushi came out, when PK made folk beats seem super cool. This is more in the techno and rap league, and a very good start to the album. This is Baba Sehgal reborn, with Rita giving him apt company and Devisri having fun with the keyboard. ***.75

Ileana and Pawan KalyanMy Heart Is Beating Again, the starting strings is lovely. Kay Kay sang some nice songs that Devisri composed, and this comes in that category. A romantic and soulful solo, as the title suggests, it is filled with admiration and love for the adored object.

Kay Kay excels with the vocals, never attempting to stylize his Telugu, and sounding perfect. The instrumental interlude in this number is something Devisri has excelled in since Anandam, and he shows his forte again in this repeat-worthy composition. The super-fast rendering of some stanzas is fab with Sirivennela penning the lines. ****

You & I No, not the Juggy D number. This is Devisri-Trivikram special. It definitely has a hip hop influence which works well for the song. He chooses to render numbers which suit him, and this is one of those songs. Sirivennela sportingly gives lyrics that go with the flavor of the album. ***.75

Jennifer Lopez All the pop stars are brought into this song, comparing them to his lady love and thus praising her. A vivacious number where his lady love reciprocates by comparing him to soccer stars and what not. It is lively and would be fun to watch, but compared to the other numbers, this is not the best in the album. Benny and Priya add a unique touch to the playback with their vocals. ***.25

Gallo Telinattunde Bhaskarabhatla pens quirky lines for this Aarya-revisited number. The song gives out a sense of déjà vu which is why the freshness of the other numbers is not present. But otherwise, it is a decent first love number with Tippu and Gopika Poornima lending their voices to Devisri's medium-paced composition. ***.25

Chalore Chalore There are two versions to this, the Telugu one and the Hindi one. Raquib Alam pens the Hindi version of this song, which is actually much better than the Telugu version (which is also good). This one has much more impact and is a (bitter) sweet and short composition. The beauty of 'Ye Mera Jaha' in Kushi..well, that was a one-timer. But this is a very good number all the same. ***1/2

Pawan KalyanMy Heart Is Beating (Remix) This remix doesn't trash a nice number. On the other hand, it simplifies the use of instruments instead of sounding like someone had a drink too many and played with the DJ console. It's just a different version of the same song. One of the best remixes out there, because it actually makes the song sound lovelier instead of louder.

Jalsa (The Devi Mix) So Devi mixes well, and knows the purpose of it is not to turn a nice number into an epitome of silliness. The purpose is to make it sound better, mellow like the previous one or more energetic like this one, but only a shade more. It's actually not that much different from the mother song, but that's why it's good. How much can you modify something that's already music to your ears–as opposed to noise? So Devi keeps it simple.

Last Word When Pawan Kalyan started acting in movies like Annavaram and Bangaram, people wondered why. It's all very well to be versatile, but right now and right here, people associated Pawan Kalyan with pepsi. It was not time to go drink Thums Up and grow up yet. So it's back to having fun and leaving the revenge killings and cleansing the society to others. Back to Beyonce and hip hop, some techno and fusion, Devisri adding his ever-present youthful element to his music and coming up with a crucial winner album.